Microsoft Teams Learning Platform

What Is Microsoft Teams?

Teams is a tool for Students, Teachers & Staff To Seamlessly Work Together All From A Simple To Use Platform.  Features include:  Co-Author Files. Organize and Track. Transparent Guidance. Customize Your Experience. Stay Connected. OneNote in Teams. Share Resources.

Why is Madrasatu Ahlis Sunnah Using Teams?

Our Goals Were:

  1. Meet All Legal/Privacy Requirements For A School
  2. Entire Class Content In One Place Under One login, Including Online Meetings
  3. No Additional Cost To Parents Or School
  4.  Full Visibility Of All Content By Administrators 

What Tools Do A Student Get With Teams

Now that you have access to teams, you also have the following:

  • Monitored school email address
    • Homeroom teachers will distribute user name and passwords soon.
  • Free online use of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowePoint and more.
  • Free group chat features with the ability to automatically flag improper content.

How Can I Learn More About Teams

Your teacher will be instructing you on the basics needed for their specific class.  You can get general help by using the following links:

Frequently Asked Questions About New Online Technology

  • Are we still using Gradelink? 
    • Answer:  Yes! Gradelink will still be the official source for grades.
  • What’s the difference between Teams and Gradelink?
    • Answer:  In short, Gradelink only has official grades, while Teams is where the work get’s assigned and done.
  • What Kind of device do I need for my child to use Teams?
    • Answer:  We have successfully tested Chromebooks, computers, android & ipad tablets and phones.  They all work great although the look may be slightly different and you may need a few other apps like Onenote, Word, and Excel on tablets but but they are all free.
  • Why aren’t we using Google Classroom and/or Zoom
    • Currently Google Classroom would be a significant cost to the school.  The free version does not meet the needs of the school at this time.
    • Zoom may still be used by some teachers for the conference call feature only.  Zoom is general software not specifically designed for schools, hence it does not meet the school related legal/privacy requirements.  New Zoom update with passwords do not fix this.  
    • For your safety, do not share your video, click on documents or links in any Zoom meeeting. Zoom is not end to end encrypted so others can possibly see the feed or put in fake documents or links that will take over your computer.