Message From The Principal

Dear Parents:

Alhamdulilah! Allah has truly blessed us and shown His favor upon us by making us Muslims. May He increase us in knowledge and in Emaan so that we may work towards having the conduct and character of our pious predecessors, who embraced Islam in its totality. Ameen.

Another school year is upon us, and we are striving to realize the vision of our Mission Statement. It is important for us, as a community, to make an effort to try to increase our knowledge Islamically and to make Islam practical in our lives.

As we all know, educating our youth is serious business and it is extremely difficult. The problems are compounded when we do not support one another. What we need is for parents, teachers, administrators and the entire faculty to work together as a team. Our school has invested in the uplifting the education of our students in 2013-2014 school year. We have utilized Grant money from East Orange Board of Education toward two Smart Boards in our Computer Labs, which cost $15,000.00. We have also been granted over $25,000.00 for student enrichment programs for after school services and tutoring programs.

This year, as we become closer to realizing our Mission, we want parents to make a special effort to impart to their children the importance of respecting their teachers and those in authority amongst them. As we always say, “it takes a village to raise a child,” pertains to each and every one of us. We want to focus on the etiquette of learning.

We are going to try our best to give your child(ren) a quality education in an Islamic environment insha’Allah. We need your help in ensuring that they come to school ready to learn, and to cooperate with the adults in authority.

May Allah bless us to have a successful upcoming school year and enable us to work together towards birr and taqwaa (all good action and obedience), and May Allah help us to provide our children with a quality education that will make them successful in this life and in the next.


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