CSW 2018 at MAS

  2nd annual Computer Science Week at MAS sponsored by the PTSU

Muslim Owned Business Sponsor: Pizza Paradise


What is Computer Science Week

CSW is an event to bring awareness to the impact of Computer Science in all industries today.  At MAS we specifically want to ensure our students are prepared for the changing landscape in the workforce, as all industries are being disrupted by computer science and technology.  We are encouraging all of our students, despite their chosen career paths, to explore how technology may impact their future and prepare to embrace it.

CSW is directly connected to us realizing our goal of implementing the core curriculum standards at MAS, helping to provide technology awareness.

What will we do for CSW 2018

  • Have assemblies with guest speakers from the technology world
  • Each class will come to the computer lab for a demo and instructions on code.org
  • Computer lab will be open every evening until Isha.
  • Students can volunteer to do a pitch for an App they want to create (All Grades)
    • No code.  Draw diagram and give description
  • Students may complete Hour of Code on code.org or other sites and submit their certificates to their teacher for points toward winning a class prize
  • Students may complete final project of building their own app by January 3rd, 2019.   Parents will be notified of app judging event.  Students can work in teams of 3.  A prize will be award to the winning team.

Click here for some highlights from CSW 2018

What’s next

We learned during CSW 2018 that the students of MAS are very creative and talented as it relates to a variety of areas.  They are also very hungry for opportunities to hone and display their talents.  To that end the PTSU is looking for volunteers to help us open the computer lab at least one evening a week and we would like to offer a computer club that meets at least once a month to provide direct instruction in different computer related topics.

Please email us at ptsu@ahlusunnahschool.org if you are interested in volunteer or being a sponsponsor to provide the needed equipment.