Please download and print the following applications/forms for admissions, read through the whole requirements and return them to the Main Office. These applications/forms must be printed out and completed to be mailed or hand delivered to the school. Please contact our Enrollment Administrator if you have any questions.Download New Student Application Form

Returning Students

Students who want to return please download returning Student Applications Forms and return them to the Main Office. These applications forms must be printed out and completed to be mailed or hand delivered to the school. Please contact our Enrollment Administrator if you have any questions.

Download Returning Student Form

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Registration Processes

Step 1: Enrollment Information
Pick up or Download and print the "Admission Application Form", read through the whole Admission requirements or contact our Enrollment Administrator if you have any questions.

Step 2: Take a Tour!
If you are interested in our school, the best way to view our facilities and environment is to come in and take a tour or attend an Admission Open House. To schedule a tour contact our Enrollment Administrator.

Step 3: Submit Application
Please print out and complete the form for each student enrolling and mailed or hand delivered to the Main Office.

Please make a note that the following information must be submitted before your child can be processed into Madrasatu Ahlis Sunnah.

  • Completed application for each child.
  • Transfers for all new students from 2nd through 12th grades.
  • Birth certificates for all students.
  • Guardianship papers (if applicable).
  • Immunization records for all new students.
  • Updated immunization records for all previously enrolled students from Pre-school through 12th grades.
  • Mandatory Mantoux test results for all new incoming students and previously enrolled Kindergarten and 8th grade students.
  • Proof of Hepititis B vaccine for all students Kindergarten through 12th grades.
  • Any child born after 1998 must have the varicella vaccine (chicken pox) Prekindergarten, Kindergarten and 1st grades.
  • Annual physical examination for all students.
  • Authorization to pick-up form for Pre-school through 12th grades.
  • New students are to submit a copy of the previous year’s standardized test scores.
  • All new students 5th through 12th grades must write and submit a one page essay on why he/she would like to attend Madrasatu Ahlis Sunnah.
  • All new students 7th through 12th grades must submit a letter of recommendation from the Imam of their respective community on official letterhead.
  • All new students 7th through 12th grades must know the Arabic alphabet as well as simple Arabic words.
  • New applicants entering 2nd through 12th grades are required to take an entrance examination.

Step 4: Pay the new/returning student registration fee
Please make a note that to complete the application process, Applications will not be processed until the registration fee is paid in full.

Step 5: Placement Exam
Students will take a placement exam that is equivalent to our end of prior year assessment in Math and English.

Step 6: Acceptance
Upon completion of enrollment process:

  • Acceptance Letter is mailed out to family
  • 1st Installment of tuition is due
  • Parent Orientation
  • Meet the Teacher Day
  • School Uniforms
  • School Supplies List
  • Start date of School & School Calendar

School Dress Code

This dress code will be strictly enforced. if students do not comply, they will not be permitted to attend school.

Brothers Dress Code

Kindergarten - Fifth Grades

  1. White or navy blue thoub (clean and ironed).
  2. Navy blue, black, or khaki pants hemmed above the ankle.

Sixth - Twelfth Grades

  1. White or navy blue thoub (clean and ironed).
  2. Navy blue, black, or khaki pants hemmed above the ankle.

Gym Uniform (To be worn only during Gym Days)

  1. Black sweat pants above the ankle, with clean and laced sneakers.
  2. White T-shirt.

A white or navy blue thoub must be worn over the gym uniform on gym days!

General Uniform Restrictions For Brothers

  1. Must wear a clean and ironed white thoub.
  2. All pants must be hemmed above the ankles. No cuffed or rolled up pants permitted. If a student comes to school with cuffed or rolled up pants, the parents will either have to bring the approved uniform pants or the child will be sent home to change.
  3. All footwear must be laced and tied completely.
  4. No Qaza' haircuts (Qaza' is to have some of the hair shaved and some not e.g. a tight fade).
  5. No twists, dreadlocks or knotty hairstyles.
  6. No jewelry, with the exception of one ring, can be worn.
  7. During cold weather months, brothers will only be permitted to wear a white or dark colored sweater over their thoubs (No hoodies, jackets, or printed sweaters).

Sisters Dress Code

Kindergarten - Twelfth Grades

  1. Black or navy blue overgarment (Fully closed front).
  2. White, black, or navy blue khimar (If underscarf is worn, it must be white, black, or navy blue).

Gym Uniform (Only to be worn during gym days)

  1. Black sweat pants with clean and laced sneakers.
  2. White T-shirt.

All sisters must wear an overgarment on gym days!

General Uniform Restrictions For Sisters

  1. Sisters are to wear a completely closed overgarment at all times.
  2. No shoes are to be worn that make noise when a sister walks in them (e.g. high heels or clogs).
  3. Shoes are also to be completely tied and laced.
  4. Any sister that wears a niqaab to school must wear it all day. Sisters are not allowed to remove their
  5. Niqaabs when walking in the halls.
  6. Open display of jewelry will not be permitted.
  7. During the cold weather months, sisters will only be permitted to wear loose fitting, dark

School Policy

In compliance with New Jersey State Law please note the following implementations in the school policy:

All students born on or after January 1, 1990, and entering Kindergarten or First grade should receive a second dose of MMR and Mantoux Test (administered within six months before the start of school). Those students who were born on or after January 1, 1986, should receive a DPT and OPV on or after their fourth birthday.

Students entering the eighth grade the upcoming school year should receive a Mantoux Test.

Transferees and children in Pre-school should present immunization records, physical and emergency records before acceptance to school.

Students entering Pre-school and child care should schools should receive an HIB vaccine.


The Madrasatu Ahlis Sunnah Ahlus Sunnah School admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race; color national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies; admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs. and athletic and other school-administered programs.

We encourage parents to discuss with us any questions or concerns about the policies and program of the school. We will be happy to arrange a convenient opportunity for you to review or discuss these matters with us. We appreciate you bringing your concerns to our attention. Our school has a policy concerning the release of children to parents or people authorized by parent(s) to be responsible for the child. Please discuss with us your plans for your child's departure from the school.

Our school has a policy about dispensing medicine and the management of communicable diseases. Please talk to us about these policies so we can work together to keep our children healthy. Our school has a written statement of philosophy on child discipline and we make a copy of it available to parents upon request. We encourage you to review it and to discuss with us any questions you may have about it.

Our school must offer parents of enrolled children ample opportunity to participate in and observe the activities of the school. Parents wishing to participate in the activities or operations of the school should discuss their interest with the Mudeer, who can advise them of what opportunities are available.

Parents of enrolled children may visit our school at any time without having to secure prior approval from the Mudeer or any staff member. Please feel free to do so when you can. We welcome visits from our parents. All visitors must report to the Main Office upon entering the building.

Our school must inform parents in advance of every field trip, outing, or special event away from the school and must obtain prior written consent from parents before taking a child on each such trip.

Student Health And Safety

RN Medication Form: This form should be filled out by the parent/guardian and medical doctor. Remember, the nurse cannot administer something as common as a cough drop without a medical doctor's order. If your child is allergic to anything and/or may need medication to be given during school that cannot possibly be given at home, this form must be filled out. Also, the medication must come in a separate container labeled with the child’s name and instructions for use. The pharmacy is aware of New Jersey School policy and can separate and label the amount needed to be given at home and to be given and kept at school at no extra charge.

Self-Medication Form: To be filled out by parent/guardian and medical doctor. This form is mainly for older children who may have inhalers for their asthma. They already know that they must carry their inhaler and know how to use it; but since it is on school property, we must know that the medication is in the building. This should also be labeled with the child’s name just in case it gets lost in the building.

The following is information regarding immunizations and required tests:

Immunization: All children should be immunized as per the State of New Jersey. The nurse’s office needs a copy or at least the dates of all immunizations from birth to present. (All children from kindergarten and up should have : 4 DPTs/HIB // +3 OPVs // 2 MMRs // + 3 Hepatitis). Any child born after 1998 must have the varicella vaccine.

Mantoux Test: since the tuberculosis rate is so high in the Newark and East Orange area, the State of New Jersey states that all children entering kindergarten and new students entering 1st and 8 grades are required to have a mantoux test done at least 6 months before entering school in September. This means that any mantoux test given from April 2011 to present will be acceptable. If, for example your child had a mantoux in January 2011, they must get another test. The mantoux test, is just that, it is a test to see if the student has been exposed to tuberculosis; it is not an immunization.

Although this may seem like a lot to do, it is necessary and beneficial for the nurse to be aware of the student’s history, so we may give your child / children the best of care while they are at school. We want your child / children to remain healthy so they can reach their full academic potential. We appreciate the time you took to complete the information needed so that we may take care of your child to the best of our ability.