Recurring Or One Time Donations

Help Us Continue This Amazing Work Be a Part of the Movement We are looking for 300 people at only $100 a month to support this effort and our children. Recurring Donation Options Option 1 : $25.00 USD – weeklyOption 2 : $50.00 USD – weeklyOption 3 : $100.00 USD – weeklyOption 4 : $150.00 […]


The Role of the Madrasatu Ahlis Sunnah School PTSU ( link to their site) The objectives of the MADRASATU AHLIS SUNNAH SCHOOL PTSU are to: ∙ Establish and maintain a working relationship among parents, school and community. ∙ Support school improvement teams and promote the finest education possible for the students at AHLIS SUNNAH SCHOOL […]

Our Mission

Our Mission The mission of Madrasatu Ahlis Sunnah is to impart sound religious and secular knowledge, as well as instill and cultivate self-discipline and high moral character. Inshaa Allah, these goals can be achieved through the teachings of the Qur’aan, the authentic Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) and the way of our Righteous Predecessors. […]