Masjidu Ahlis Sunnah

The Islamic Center of America, Masjidu Ahlis Sunnah, Madrasatu Ahlis Sunnah and Maktabatu Ahlis Sunnah were founded in 1981, under the leadership of Imam Ahmad Burhani, as The Islamic Center of East Orange, Masjid Rawdatullaah, for the sole purpose of providing the Muslims with a place to worship Allaah. Two short years later the small Muslim community had already outgrown the modestly rented storefront at 239 Central Avenue, East Orange, New Jersey.

Our Students pray Zuhr, Asr and Jumuah during school hours in Masjidu Ahlis Sunnah Within the same building.

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Skating event, April 2nd 4pm-6pm
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Funday: bring your children
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PTSU meeting March 16th
On Friday, March 16, 2018, parents, teachers, students, and community members are encouraged to attend the PTSU meeting. The meeting
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