2017-2018 School Year

Ahlus Sunnah School 2017 – 2018

Program Highlights

New Advisory Team

Our new school advisory team and interim principal have been working hard to ensure that we have a solid plan to push the envelope on the educational future of Ahlus Sunnah School.  The team consists of educators and professionals with years of experience educating and guiding organizations into their future success Alhamdulillah.  Below you will find a glimpse of the direction forward for education in our school. Many things are in place but we will need your help and support to fully realize our goal of integrating all that is listed into our program.

Islamic Studies Enhancement

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Our school’s math program is based both on the Common Core Curriculum Standards, as well as the New Jersey Learning Standards. Students focus on the use of various strategies, reasoning and proof, communication, representation/modeling, and making connections to problem solve on a daily basis. Parents can expect their learners to participate in school-wide math competitions, as well as the prospective extracurricular activities such as the Math Counts! Math Club. We also prepare our learners for advanced placement (AP) tests offered by the College Board, increasing their preparation for college.


Our science curriculum is based on The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The Next Generation Science Standards is a multi-state effort to create new educational standards that are rich in content and practice, arranged in a coherent manner across disciplines and grades to provide all students an internationally benchmarked science education.

 Math and Science Enhancements

Ahlus Sunnah’s curriculum and instruction are infused with STEM (Science, Technology, and Mathematics) ideals. When possible, instruction is provided in an interdisciplinary manner. We strive to provide a student-centered learning environment where learners are expected to collaborate as they research various topics. They act as true scientists and mathematicians as they use the engineering design process to solve problems, record and communicate their findings. Naturally, this process increases critical thinking skills. Also, among the prospective extracurricular activities to be offered during the 17’-18’ academic year are various STEM programs such as robotics, the Lego club, and coding. It is our hope that the students of Ahlus-Sunnah will be the leaders of tomorrow.

 Writing Integration at Every Turn

Ahlus Sunnah School focuses on integrating writing throughout the curriculum. In a supportive environment, students are encouraged to use writing as a means of exploration of the world around them.  Through the infusion of various writing forms, i.e., prose, analytical writing, personal narratives, and journalism into all areas of our daily academic program, students can enhance their writing skills as they discover new perspectives.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-Curricular Activities are offered in the areas of academics, sports and other areas of interest. Below are some of our afterschool and weekend activities:

Islamic Studies Enhancement

Poetry Group


Student Council

Math Leaders

Double Dutch

The School of the Fighting Martial Arts

School Newsletter


Tomorrow’s Scientist

Community Service

Advanced Placement

Our students are encouraged to reach high. We support those interested in advanced placement testing with Advanced Placement Coaching in the areas of History, Math and English.

Ahlus Sunnah School Partnerships

In an effort to enhance the educational experience of our students, we collaborate with various institutions of learning in our area.  Some are these partnerships are as follows:

Liberty Science Center

Essex County Environmental Center

Newark Library

Newark Museum


All teachers of Ahlus Sunnah School are required to offer two hours of tutoring per week at no additional tuition fee.